The Balance Team

Martin Chalk

Product Development and Sales

Martin is a co-founder of Balance and is responsible for product management (the flowers, the overall appearance and the product’s zen levels). Martin has a background in biochemistry and startups. He comes from a family that is passionate about nature, the knowledge learned from indigenous people and wildflowers. He loves a deserted Australian beach, being on or in the water, smart dogs and traveling to extremely remote places.

Peter Maher


Peter is a co-founder and looks after the operational aspects of Balance. With a mixture of commercial, strategy, sales and marketing experience, he struggles to keep his nose out of different parts of the business. He cycles to the office, runs around parks, and is working on sitting still long enough to do some meditation. Peter finds peace and contentment in his three happy globe gallivanting children.

Julene Terrett

Sydney Manager

Julene runs the Balance Sydney office and keeps everything from production schedules to product delivery to accounts and customer service humming along incredibly efficiently. Julene also has a love of botany and plants react to her incredible green thumb the way the Australian desert reacts to a nice fresh rainstorm.

David Adams


David lives in a beautiful tropical town in the far north of Australia however he works from wherever our flowers bloom. He travels to pre-arranged private properties in some of the most remote parts of Australia to find the ‘happiest’ plants. He comes and goes carefully leaving the surroundings undisturbed. Without wanting to sound too ‘alternative’ he does things like, picking and harvesting our desert flowers around the time of a full moon so the flowers experience a full day and night cycle of infusion. David surrounds himself with beautiful plants in some of Australia’s most scenic and unspoiled areas.

Katie Dallas


Katie's main interest is you and why you do the strange things you do. In other words she is a cultural insight expert and brand strategist. Leading award winning campaigns for the likes of global brands such as Ikea, Sainsbury's and Vitaminwater. When she's not thinking about how to refresh the world with Balance, she's reading about why people do the strange things they do.

Leonardo and Ettore

Packaging, Branding and Design

Everyone asks us about our labels and branding and who is responsible for them. Leonardo and Ettore are the two designers who run the award winning and are responsible for the beautiful Balance packaging, branding and communication.